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Philippe and Muriel Meunier arrived at St Désirat in 1999. Philippe was from Paris and Muriel from Strasbourg. They both worked 10 years in Lyon in the same industry, for Philippe the hotel business and for Muriel the catering business, and it is how they eventually met.

As his grand-parents had lived in St Desirat for many years, Philippe developed ties and connections there, and he also had many childhood and vacation memories. Life in Lyon did not suit him and he finally grew homesick. His dream of working and living in his village was about to come true.

Reluctant at first, Muriel, his spouse, soon got used to rural life and discovered her cooking talent. Although seemingly not predestined for this job, with passing years she was able to acquire the skills to present a generous and gourmet cuisine.

Their two children Marion and Marina share in the adventure and it is together that they have made La Désirade a reputable hotel. All of this would not have been possible without the family’s help and especially Françoise, Philippe’s mum.

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